how to lose weight overnight

Bulk confectionery is a method of commercially dispensing multiple small units of confectionery, either in manufactured bags with a fixed number of units per container, or by the amount of mass placed in a bag. The former is typically used in vending machines, while the latter is more common in retailers that specialize in selling confectionery. Some shops allow the customer to mix multiple types of bulk confectionery in the same bag, then purchase the mixture based on the total weight.
In the United States, some of these confections are called penny candy, and are sold by the piece in candy, soda fountain, and five and dime stores. In Britain, this type of candy is also referred to as pick ‘n’ mix. It is also known as loose candy.
Loose candy is typically sold at kiosks, grocery stores and candy stores in the way that the customer picks up whatever kind, and how much, of candy they want (typically with a scoop) into a bag by themselves. The price of the candy depends on its weight, and the weighing can be either done by the customer or the seller.

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